Reach and retain more customers

Recover failed payments with intelligent routing, retry, and customer engagement tools powered by proprietary data.

Put your payments to work

Transform payments from a cost centre to a revenue enabler with intelligent acceptance and recovery solutions that maximise uptime and revenue assurance.

Boost revenue and conversion

Increase authorisation and success rates with smart routing, retry, and failover rules automatically triggered based on error code.

Ensure business continuity

Mitigate downtime with built-in redundancy and every stage of the payments value chain to protect your customer experience.

Increase customer retention and lifetime value

Eliminate involuntary churn with the latest in tokenized payment technologies including network tokenization and card updater.

Reduce operational overhead

Access world-class capabilities and expertise that manage payment success for you and minimise customer support queries.

Don’t take our
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Precium has been instrumental in keeping our organisation relevant with their innovative offerings. Working with their team has been an absolute pleasure. They not only grasped our requirements but also collaborated seamlessly with us to achieve our strategic goals. Their phenomenal work ethic and approach is truly commendable.

Magesh Naidoo
GM: Operations Strategy, Innovation Group

Understand your payment health with accurate and enriched error codes

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End-to-end optimisation

Don’t leave revenue assurance to chance. Our end-to-end solutions target the root cause of payment failure to maximise acceptance rates, retention, and customer lifetime value.

Technical failures
Increase success rates by up to 15% through routing, redundancy, and retries
  • Smart routing rules

  • Configurable payment logic

  • Intelligent retries

  • Real-time cascading

False fraud failures
Increase auth rates and eliminate card expiry with network tokenization
  • Network / scheme tokenization

  • Auto update card on file

  • Reduce false positives

  • Configurable fraud capabilities

Customer failures
Increase collection by up to 20% through real-time customer interactions
  • Automated dunning

  • Configurable workflows

  • WhatsApp, SMS, Email channels

  • Embedded payment options

The tools you need

Payments fail. Even with the best processing technologies and partners. Mitigate the impact of failed payments to your business and customers with our intelligent recovery tools at each stage of the customer journey.


Automatically failover authorisations and transactions to an alternative processor to increase your success rates.

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Smart retries

Intelligently retry transactions based on error code to reduce cart abandonment and churn, without disrupting your customer experience.

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Customer engagement

Recover at-risk revenue, prevent churn, and increase customer lifetime value through targeted customer interactions.

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Built for enterprise scale and security, with the modularity and flexibility to meet your needs. Our platform is PCI DSS compliant and regulator certified, so that you don’t have to be

Customer-obsessed, data-led

There’s a person behind every payment. We work closely with our clients to understand their context and the context of their customers, and combine this with our cross-industry data to optimise payment performance

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If you think of us as anything less than a partner, we’re not doing our job. Our team of experts work with you to craft bespoke payment experiences to support your boldest ambitions

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